Susie PhotoMy name is Susie Clouston and I am a Clairvoyant giving healing messages from the from the Angelic Realm.  I have always been connected to these invisible realms and remember my early childhood playing with nature spirits and other beings who would visit me and give me messages of love and comfort.

Going to school was an adventure for me an outgoing child filled with enthusiasm but I soon realised I was ridiculed for  the  world I was fascinated in  and so in the need for acceptance as children do I decided to forget this world, fit in and ignore my natural gifts and abilities. I shut down and didn’t really open again until my early 30’s.

My dearest grandmother passed away to spirit and visited me to say “hi I’m alive don’t grieve for me”!  I knew it was true and it opened me again to the world I had ignored for all those years.

I have been developing myself spiritually and emotionally ever since then, working publicly and in my own private practice giving spiritual and soul readings which I am grateful for every day of my life.

Thank you for visiting. I do hope we can meet in person.

Love and Angel Blessings from my heart to yours

Susie x