Karmic Contracts Workshop

A one day practical workshop for those who are seriously fed up with depression, darkness, negativity, and mental and emotional blocks that need  clearing with the power of the spirit.

  • Face the shadows and walk away from the fear and pain that keeps you trapped
  • Move through deep cellular pain and feel the freedom gained
  • Be supported by a compassionate sincere therapist who understands without judgement.
  • Take a journey back through time to your spiritual contracts to finish off  old Karmic soul contracts, and visit the Askashic Records, living library
  • Meet Lord Kumeka, Light being and Ascended Master and Archangel Gabriel to help you to renew free will contracts
  • Release in a fire ceremony all the past contracts that are completed and move forward to new beginnings

Welcome to our very powerful one day workshop Releasing our Karmic contracts.  We will be sitting in circle in the yurt holding space for each other as we clear painful childhood, past life cell memories and old spiritual contracts.  Our indigenous brothers and sisters remind us to sit and listen to our pain, to have compassion for others who are also going through some deep dark painful experiences.  We have powerful healing techniques to support you to be free and cleansed helping you to really let go of what you have struggled with.  Depression (what are we suppressing), pain, anger, trauma, patterns, fear, disappointments, self loathing and negativity, need a voice and compassion.   We aim to help you in a very trusting safe environment, to  support one another in a trust circle of all that no longer serves you.  In our meditations, we will travel to the living library of all your soul contracts and memories and look inside the book to real life discoveries and meet the powerful Lord Kumeka and Archangel Gabriel the past life angel and rewrite new contracts for our future growth.  This workshop is a spiritual investment in self development and  we look forward to helping you on your journey back to self love and awareness.

no dates for this workshop for the forseable future

please enquire  Susie@susiesparkles.com or 0n 07951427910

Cost: £100  (Deposit £35, £65 to be paid before or by day of workshop)