Current Day Workshops for 2023

Dream analysis and Mind Programming for success

Are you fascinated by your dreams and want to know the meaning of them? or perhaps you would like to remember them when you wake up in the morning? This workshop is designed to explore the meaning of your dreams so that you can develop skills for becoming your own dream counsellor. dream interpretation is the process of assigning with some understanding how dreams have an impact on your mental healtth. In this workshop learn how to :

  • interpretate your dreams and how they could be prophetic
  • understand what the symbols mean in your dreams and how they could impact your spiritual emotional mental health
  • access the right brain / mind and learn to programme your dreams into reality
  • meditate in alpha theta state of consciousness
  • understand the 7 fascinating types of dreams
  • learn to interpretate a clients dreams
  • enjoy a day of exploration, programming and relaxaation with like minded souls
  • pot luck feast to share
  • receive a certificate of attendance in dream analysis
  • gift bag to take home

25th February 2023

Time: 10am – 5pm

Cost: £100, spiritual investment, to be paid in full on booking.

*Costs include, materials / manual water, food, snacks, teachings, gifts

Please pay below on paypal button or on bank transfer details are

Susan Clouston RBS account no 00623572 sort code: 83.15.31

( please let me know via email you have booked onto this workshop )

* Coming in summer 2023 – workshops for the divine feminine and divine masculine!*

*workshops for 2024*

Awakening the Angel within

This one day workshop is offered to sensitive, open hearted souls, who wish to re-discover true meaning in one’s life and ‘Awaken the Sacred Angel within.’ Finding the sacred, can deepen our connection to our Higher God Self within, to heighten our intuition increasing our sense of self value. This higher part of you, the Sacred Angel is divinely interconnected to all that is beautiful, peaceful, wise and unconditionally loving but can stay dormant unless accessed. During, the most challenging of times, we all have a deep desire to find true meaning in life, through journeying, releasing and loving meditations, we can fully activate the soul memory to unlock, who we really are, and find the wisdom to how to navigate through this challenging year ahead. ‘Awakening the Sacred Angel within’, can support you to find true meaning, joy and happiness, igniting your sparkle and light again. Through these difficult times, you may be questioning what authority you can trust? This is why, now, more than ever, it is important to listen to the Sacred Angel within, and reconnect to the wisdom that is silently guiding you. You may have rejected the concept, Angels only exist in higher planes, this is only part of the truth, on this loving day, you will also discover you are an incarnated Angel and discover you have a high value and a purpose to your life.

On this workshop you will –

  • Release, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual blocks to awakening the Sacred Angel within. Emotions such as Guilt, fear, negativity, unworthiness and self rejection all contribute to blocking out the voice of the Sacred and need immediate attention or create energy blocks and physical symptoms.
  • Learn how to meditate and relax deeply. Most people do not know how to meditate, find stillness, we will show you how to truly let go and feel connected back to self.
  • Discover true self acceptance in a Crystal Light Body Activation Ceremony, and ‘Awaken your Sacred Angel within.’
  • Find ways to honour yourself in a ceremony, reveal your true value as a woman.
  • Finally, before going home, indulge in a crystal foot and hand massage, using and sacred flower oils to enhance wellbeing, self value and self love. Enjoy being pampered with a glass of non alcoholic sparkly wine and organic lush chocolates and be treated as a Sacred Angel.

You will receive a certificate for your participation to ‘Awakening the Sacred Angel within’ workshop. at the the end of the day. Please note, a lateral flow test prior to the workshop, will be required, for everyone’s peace of mind, because no masks will be worn in the sacred space. Lastly, no refunds can be offered, due to high costs of materials purchased prior for this workshop, but transfers onto another workshop, treatment or course are always available should you need to cancel. PM me for more details. Please note only 8 places are available, on a first come first served basis. Places tend to go quickly for these day works. Details on what to bring for your comfort, will be given 2 weeks prior to the workshop day.

love and blessings

Susie sparkles xxx

Date: to be arranged for 2024

Time: 10am – 6pm.  

Spiritual investment £100 to be paid in full on booking.  please pay Susan Clouston RBS account no:  00623572   sort code:  831531 or below on paypal stating the workshop.  Please let me know you have booked this workshop on 07951427910 or by email

*Cost includes, water, food, teachings, oils, materials, certificate and snacks, gift bags and more*

Activating the sacred feminine through empowerment ceremonies, intiations with Isis, Mary Magdalene, Kali 

On this one day workshop –

  • You will be invited to connect to your hidden feminine power through initiation and ceremony with Isis, Mary Magdalene and Kali
  • These 3 Goddessess, individually oversee the lower three chakras for female empowerment and have the insight and knowledge to help woman engage with her personal sovereignity.
  • You will discover these ancient Goddessess, have in their multidimensional frequency, been supporting the mass consciousness awaken to their hidden feminine magick and power
  • You will be activated into higher levels of consciousness and awareness of your own feminine abilities to live a life as a powerful woman on the earth.
  • Through sacred ceremonies you will meet these dark goddesses who were once hidden in the shadows, just like you, suppressed through fear and ignorance.
  • Through powerful initiations you will reconnect to the ultimate divine, activating a new understanding of who you are to offer a new acceptance of what your role is in life today. 
  • You will discover through awareness, you have been living, in a life that has not been entirely in alignment with your truest vision of your self.
  • You will finally let your old image go, and move into full body acceptance of the Goddess you are.
  • You will be held in a sacred space to release all rejection of your feminine powers, moving through layers, dismantling the dominating forces that has suppressed your Goddess from rising.
  • You will be invited to a womb ceremony to activate cellular memory and reclaim lost ancestral power.

You will receive a certificate for your participation at the end of the day.  please note refunds are not issued, however, if you give 24 hours notice you can transfer, payment to another workshop, course 1-1 session of your choice.  As only 8 participants can sit in the cabin comfortably booking is essential to have a place.  please do let me know when you book, by pm me on email at or on 07951427910.   

                                                                                                                Date for 2024 to be arranged 

                                                                                                                Time: 10am – 6pm (est)

*Spiritual investment:  £100 – includes, manual, food, snacks, water, materials, oils, certificates, teachings, gift bags for home and more* 

payment is accepted via bank transfer – Susan Clouston,  Account no:  00623572  Sort Code: 83.15.31  or on paypal below.  Thankyou, and blessings of infinite love Susie x