Celtic Magic with Merlin Workshop 1 and 2


Magical Merlin 1

This days workshop will expand your knowledge of how to take your own power into your hands and anchor another reality into the solid physical plane of your life.

We will:

  • Reawaken the Wizard and Wizardess within you by connecting with the all powerful Merlin.
  • Learn how to create spells using old sacred herbs and incantations and work with the true meaning of Magic.
  • Go on a journey where you will be regressed to your previous lives of being a White Witch Light Worker, through the inquisition period
  • Finish off with a sacred bonfire to release our spells to Merlin to receive Manifestation and Creation.
  • Meditation to reconnect with power animals and meet the Ascended Master Merlin
  • Working  with ancient sacred herbs, incantations, candle spells
  • Carve a wand working with the tree spirits, using crystals, feathers, totems,
  • Create a medicine bag to use magical herbs, potions and spells

In this creative practical Workshop,  connecting with Merlin, we remember the true meaning of being a wizard and witch and work with old ancient sacred herbs to bring invisible forgotten Magic back to the physical plane again for manifestation.   Old spells, incantations and candle magic are used in this day of wizard and witchcraft, creating a medicine pouch to wear for protection and creation of spells.   We will go back to the inquisitions to reclaim our light witch again from being persecuted and retrieve our soul from the darkness of this era.  Reawakening our inner Witch and Wizard can help regain a sense of inner power and remind us we can create anything we want by intention, in a ceremony to bring us back to the power of Merlin again.  We invite you to our beginners course in awakening our inner wizard.


30th October 2022: 

10am -6pm

Cost: £100 to be paid in full on booking

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RBS  Susan Clouston,  00623572  83.15.31  

 Please let me know when you book onto this course,  via email or text: 07951427910 


Merlin 2 the Celtic God of Sorcery

We are delighted to share this Workshop with you for those who are interested in Sorcery and Druidism.

Opening to the study of dragons, and other magical beasts, such as the Gryphon and Phoenix, as Spirit Guides.

Connect to the guardian of your crystal skull with merlin to awaken your spiritual power. (please invest in being a guardian for the crystal skull that chooses you).

Reawaken your ability to work with the tree and plant spirits,  channelling their medicines.

Rewaken your connection to the Wizard Familiars, Unicorns, Owls, toads, Ravens Crow as healers and teachers.

Reawaken your love for the natural worlds around you.

Work with the Druid Plant Oracle and Dragon medicine cards.

Learn about ancient herbs to support your advanced sorcery work.

learn about the 8 Celtic Celebrations to connect you to nature in tree ceremonies.

A deeper understanding of Merlin as a Celtic God of Sorcery and other Celtic Gods/Goddeses.

If you feel a calling to join us please book online on the above payment method or go on paypal  Susie@susiesparkles.com

to be arranged in 2023 

£150  (A non refundable deposit £50, is required to secure place)

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