Workshops & Courses




Magical Merlin Workshop✨ 

Reawaken your inner wizard – the magical part of who you are…. more details

*Reading Cards for beginners*

Increase your self-belief and your self-worth for a happier life…. more details

✨Karmic Contracts Workshop✨

Clear karmic contracts from this and previous lives…. more details

✨Teachings of Archangel Haniel & Chamuel of the Pink Ray – Certified Course✨

Learn how to truly love yourself and live a compassionate life…. more details

✨Usui Reiki 1 with Angels – Certified Course✨

Learn how to give yourself energy healing…. more details

✨Usui Reiki 2 with Angels – Certified Course✨

Learn how to give others energy healing…. more details

✨Usui Advanced Reiki with Angels – Certified Course✨

Learn how to do psychic surgery and advanced healing techniques….. more details

✨Usui Reiki Masters with Angels – Certified Course✨

Learn how to accept your inner master and teach reiki to others…. more details

Beginners Angel Psychic Development – Certified Course✨

Open up to angel consciousness and connect with angels for guidance and support….. more details

✨Advanced Angel Psychic Development – Certified Course✨

Develop and deepen your connection to the angelic realm to guide and support others….. more details

✨Ascension level 1 with Archangels & level 2  working with the Shamans and 13 Grandmothers  Certified Course✨

Learn how to attune clients to angelic consciousness and connection….more details