Teachings of Archangel Haniel of the 5th Dimension the Pink Ray – Certified Course

Working with celestial beings you will learn:

  • How to live and be attuned to the 5th D Pink Ray of light
  • How to be an Archangel Haniel Heart Therapist
  • How to Ascend cleanse and clear your pain in your heart
  • How to open to Archangel Haniel and receive real divine compassion and love and live in a higher vibration of love
  • How to love your self unconditionally and clear the blocks to doing so
  • How to find your divine purpose as a spiritual being
  • How to attract your divine life partner
  • How to forgive and let go
  • How to clear old debts and attract abundance without guilt
  • How to work clairsentiently as a highly developed spiritual being and serve others.
  • How to heal and attune others to the Haniels Pink ray vibration
  • How to attune yourself and clients to the Haniel’s unconditional love and immerse yourself in a waterfall of pink light
  • How to honour your inner goddess and walk the flower path of self love and devotion

The Teachings of Archangel Haniel, “Living in the Pink Ray of light”  help us to experience a more beautiful and compassionate way of living.  Learning how to really give to ourselves compassion is actually our life’s work as a human being on the earth plane.   Come learn how to love and serve as Angels do. We will work lovingly with Archangel Haniel, the Angel of divine Pink Compassion, receive and give attunements,.  Open our higher heart Chakra, and awaken  to the compassionate ray of light, clearing old pain, hurts, unforgiveness, to receive new heightened, sensitivity, light frequencies to be a teacher and healer for haniel.   We will also share how to create new levels of abundance by attracting prizes, gifts, and good luck and feel blessed.  How to find and love the inner child, teenager, adult, elder within,  We will learn why Archangel Haniel came to the aid of the earth plane to serve  humanity and evolve it to a higher frequency of love and what the spiritual purpose is to your life is.    This is a wonderful 2 day adventure into deeper levels of self love and self devotion,  you will be served as a special divine soul, receive a rose petal foot spa/ massage, hand massage with flower petals and beautiful Hawaiian organic high vibrational oils, drink rose quartz high vibrational waters, change your diet to the rainbow frequency, and you will learn how to create a rose petal crown and reawaken your pink goddess within, filling yourself up so deeply you will be blissfully peaceful in unconditional love.   This is a course for Highly Sensitive People who wish to work as a Heart Healer and attune family, friends or work professionally to Haniel’s vibration.  I’m delighted to share this new certified course which is recognised and accepted by Balens Insurance Co.  I look forward to sharing the teachings of Archangel Haniel with you.

25th and 26th March 2023

enquire on 07951427910 or Susie@susiesparkles.com

Cost: £200  to be paid on booking.  Please note no refunds are offered but a transfer onto another course, should 24 hours notice be given.

 Please pay by paypal below or by bank transfer: 

Susan Clouston  RBS  account no 00623572   sort code 83.15.31