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my address is Damhead, Udny, Ellon, Aberdeenshire, AB41 6RE

.Directions from Oldmeldrum,  drive to Pitmedden, continue driving passing udny green continue to the sign for Udny Station and Culter Cullen on the left,  Drive all the way up that road and continue through culter Cullen, until you see a sign for Belhelvie, and Potterton, take that right, drive down the road pass a house on the left with a stationery Rv, go over a wee bridge pass a house on the right called Milton of mines, take the next road on the left called Damhead, drive down that dirt road I’m the first house on the left by the barns.  if you see a log cabin in the garden you know you are at the right house.  if you go all the way to hill of mines you have gone to far!

Directions from Bridge of Don, on the A90, drive around the roundabout and take the first left, drive past the shopping estate (costas, pets at home, carpet right, home bargains and BnQ)  and continue on that long road, towards Potterton and white rashes, on the Aberdeen to Tarves road, pass the signs for Dyce and newmacher, don’t stop until you see a sign for Newburgh 7 miles,  take that right, drive all the way down that road until you see the sign for Belhelvie Potterton at the bottom,  and take the left, continue on that road, until you will see a huge farm house and barn called Gaitside House, carry on the road, passing a road called Craibadonna, (on the left).  I’m the next road on the right called Damhead, I’m the first house on that road, I have a wooden cabin, you will see it in the garden.

Directions from Ellon, (back roads avoiding dual carriageways) take the Pitmedden and Old Meldrum Road, at the lights, take the first left at Hillside Road, go down the long single track road, pass a large house called Cross Stones (left) head to Belhelvie pass a large farm on the right, with a large green arena, carry on straight down the road, until you come to the end, take the right at the sign for Culter Cullen and udny station,  and immediate left at Belhelvie and Potterton sign, go down that road,  pass a large house with stationery RV, go over a wee bridge, pass a farm house on the right called Milton of Miness, carry on I am the next turn on the Left Damhead, the first house on that road.

Directions from A92 drive towards A90 take 1st left at Potterton Black Dog.  Pass Potterton village drive towards Behelvie, take the left at Minnes sign, carry on through passing the sign for newburgh and Craigie carry onto my road on the right Damhead.   I am the first house on Damhead road.

Directions from Fraserburgh, Peterhead, drive past Ellon roundabout on the A90, carry on the towards Aberdeen, take the left at Pitmedden, Newburgh, Foveran sign.  follow on that road taking the right at the sign for pitmedden, foveran school, drive round the roundabout at the sign for foveran, carry on towards foveran school and take the right at the sign for the Barn and udny station, culter Cullen, drive down this road for 2 miles until you see the sign for Belhelvie Potterton, take the left, drive over the wee bridge, pass a large farm on the right with barns and stones, called Milton of Minness, pass that house until the next left called Damhead, im the first house on Damhead Road.