Beginners Angel Psychic Development – Certified Course

In this two day certified course, you will

  • Meet your 2 birth Guardian Angels
  • Learn to Open your 3rd Eye and see the Archangels Michael, Raphael, Uriel, Gabriel
  • Learn how to read the Angel Cards and give a Psychic Reading
  • Discover how to visualize and manifest the life of your dreams
  • Find out your sacred divine life purpose
  • Learn how to understand energy,
  • Learn how to clear and cleanse negative emotions that are draining you
  • Learn how to cut chords with your past and increase your happiness
  • Learn how to build power and increase your personal power and confidence in your self
  • Learn how to meditate, find peace and communicate with your Angels.
  • Learn how to heal yourself with Angels unconditional love.

Welcome to our Angel Beginners Course in Angel Psychic Development.  Have you ever had this sense you are being watched? Or have a feeling you have Angels by your side?  Perhaps you have had signs like feathers, angel clouds, or pennies close by?  If you have experienced unexplainable spiritual events, it could be your Angels are around you trying to get your attention. Do you know you have 2 Guardian Angels assigned to you from birth?  you can learn how to communicate with them and receive their messages of comfort, hope and love.   If you want to know more about your Angels, learn how to give Angel Clairvoyant readings to friends and family,  build your confidence to give loving Angelic messages, come join us on this special fun, healing 2 day course.  We will be learning how to meditate to have a happier more meaningful spiritual life,  and communicate with your Angels, discover your self and create a more meaningful life.   We look forward to sharing this very special life changing experience with you. love and blessings Susie x

if intterested please text me on 07951427910

Cost: £200 (Deposit £50, £150 to be paid by 16th May 2022) No refunds but you can transfer onto another course if you cannot attend should 24 hours notice be given.