Advanced Angel Psychic Development – Certified Course

In this two day course, you will

  • Develop Psychic Abilities with Psychometry,  i.e ability to read objects
  • Develop your Clairvoyance (ability to see),  Clairaudience (ability to hear),  Clairsentience (ability to feel),  Claircognizance (ability to know) using Angel Cards
  • Develop Communication with the deceased in the Spirit World
  • Work with Crystal Pendulums to clear negative chords
  • Activate your divine life purpose, your light body, and re-awaken your inner spirits path
  • Build Confidence in yourself and your clients
  • Awaken the pineal gland and activate the 3rd eye
  • Awaken the 3rd eye with clear quartz crystal, for self and client
  • Connect to Thoths meditation for pineal activation

Welcome to our Angel Advanced Certified Course.  Many of us are being awakened through the day and night time by Spirit and Angels asking us to step into our psychic and spiritual gifts to reactivate our divine life purpose and serve spirit.  Many Highly Sensitive People are very psychic and have amazing abilities to be able to connect with the spiritual realms but lack confidence, self belief and self worth and suppress or ignore their talents, having been told its their imagination or worse still its wrong to speak to Angels or Spirit.  Angels are messengers of God and are always by our side reminding us of who we are especially in our darkest hour and need. They want us to work with them and shine their light upon us to reveal the shadows we are struggling with, and help us be free to be who we want to be.  In this 2 day powerful course, we will take you through many psychic exercises develop your abilities to see, feel, hear and know spirit are around you.  We will use cards, crystals, pendulums, and many other tools to activate your gifts and most of all you will be supported in a loving environment building your confidence with like minded and hearted people.  You will receive a certificate once case studies are completed which are aimed at taking you forward to professional Angel Psychic Therapist. This certificate is recognised and accepted by Balens Insurance Company.   Looking forward to sharing this workshop with you blessings of love Susie xxx

30th & 1st October 2023

for enquiries please text me, Susie, on 07951427910

Cost: £300  (dep £100, £200 to be paid up to,1 week prior to course date)

          Please note no refunds are given however, if cancellation is given up to 1 week prior to course, you will be able to transfer onto the next one.