Medicine Woman Readings – 1 hr, £65 – a Clairvoyant Reading with Spirit, to heal the feminine within covering 5 aspects of your life, home, finance, relationship, self love, life purpose.  The feminine self has been largely neglected, through centuries of abuse from masculine domination, resulting in a deep trauma wound that has run through the ancestral line.  Both men and woman have a feminine and masculine self within, this service is for both men and woman who want to heal the self.  Using medicine cards we can see what you have been though and how we can support on a new pathway forward.

Angel Reading – 1 hr, £65 – a Clairvoyant Reading with Angels, what angels are working with you, how to heal relationships, finances, career and confidence problems, covering all aspects of your life.

Angel Therapy 1hr, £65 – Spiritual Therapy working through issues with challening messages of support from the Spiit, using cards and guidance from Guardian Angels, to heal your life.

Angel Therapy & Healing –  2.5 hrs, £120 – Spiritual Therapy, energy/ Spiritual healing.  The most recommended therapy by clients.  This is a session with a reading and hands on healing, to look at what the main issues are.

Confidence & Self-Esteem Building – 1 hr, £65- for those who have no or little self belief or confidence offering tools to support you increase your personal power. If you are a sensitive person, empath have learning difficulties, I can lovingly guide you to understand your nature and give you 1-1 support to feel strong enough to cope with any thing you are struggling with.

Self-Esteem Building for Sensitive Children – 1hr, £50 – our children struggle too they need support to believe in themselves

Archangel Attunements  – 2.5 hrs, £120 – Ascension attunements, a beautiful ceremony of reconnection to an Archangel who is callling to you at a transformational period of your life, helps with anxiety, stress and disconnection from Spirit, once you receive your attunement expect your receptivity to miracles.

Goddess Empowerment – 2.5 hrs, £120 – release the Witch wound, Mother wound, feminine wound, transform and release the old feminine pain you are holding onto.   Transformation is inevitable from this healing session,  as you dig deeper through your root chakra, sacral chakra, power centre you will shift the old stored energy that needs to go, watch the new feminine unleash as you release old judgements, karmic contracts and past energy.   You will be working with the dark Goddesses, Lillith, Kali, Isis, Mother Mary and Mary Magdelene.  Beginning with a rose tea and sweet treats, divine flower petal foot spa with sacred rose petals, organic hawaiian oils, crystals,  move through your power issues, fears, rages, with spiritual counselling, clarivoyance, followed by a sacred healing on bed, to clear chords entity attachments, foot and hand massage with sacred oils, clear the old femimine energies from mother and grandmother right through the lineage, and move into your real empowerment.

Goddess Hecate Witch Craft – 2.5hrs, £120 – 3.5hrs, £180, to remove curses, hexes, ill wishes, bad luck, issues, negativity, dark attachments,  creating magic, spells, working with pentagram and pentacle, sacred herbs, candles, oils, come for an empowered session to move out the old toxic energies, and move into what you want by awakening the fire within you.  Hecate is a misunderstood dark Goddess, dark as in hidden in the shadow, not evil, as religion would suggest.  she is the Mother of divine power, and associated with modern witchcraft, the type of witch craft we talk about it the acceptance of magic and great mystery that was present before time itself.  if you feel guided to Hecate, you will open your inner temple to ignite the witch fire within.  hecate will help you own this fire and help you manifest what you want as a sacred womban on earth.  You will be lit up stand on your own to feet.  you will no longer bow down to the status quo.  this can be very sacry for those who uphold the systems.    fearing Hecate is to be afraid of your own shadow, your own destroyer of dark,  come learn how to unleash your inner witch and create what you want in life.

Reiki Healing – 1.5hrs, £65 or 2.5hrs, £120 – hands on healing touch to heal, cleanse and clear the past and open you to a new journey of peace while opening you up to Angels,

Crystal therapy and Healing – 1hr, £65 or 2.5hrs, £120 – Spiritual counselling, therapy, Crystals and loving healing touch on the massage bed

Chord cutting chakra balancing  2.5hrs, £120 – clears the blocks and issues you are experiencing through hands on healing, counselling and deep relaxation.  you will be held witnessed and loved in this session and leave feeling well, unburdened, and free from psychic toxic energies that have been attached to you.

Cellular Release deep clearing and cleansing 1.5hr £65 or 2.5hrs, £120 – Advanced Reiki Healing, a process of energy healing and breath work to remove energy attachments, entities, curses, ill wishes can be attached to us creating ill health and chords to old partnerships.

Past life Regression  2.5hrs, £120 – spiritual counselling, then journeying to regress back to a time where you had emotional problems, to heal and become whole again and move forward to a new journey of peace.

Shamanic Soul Retrieval and Healing  2.5hrs  £120 – Spiritual Counselling, followed by soul retrieval using drums, rattles, shells, hands on healing with Indigenous Guides, the Grandmothers, using sacred herbs, oils.

1-1 Teaching how to read the Angel cards  1 hr, £65 – Reawaken your intuition and learn how to read Angel Cards,

1-1 Opening to  your Psychic Senses  1 hr, £65 – Reawaken your Psychic senses and reconnect to your Spirit Guides, Angels and other Guides who support your spiritual journey.

1-1 Reiki 1 teaching  10-3pm £150 – A one to one Course for those who don’t want to be part of a group teaching.   You will receive my full attention, learn all about the beauty of Reiki Healing, move through a  Sacred Attunement Ceremony.   Learn how to really love and heal yourself, in this special day of divine love.

1-1 Reiki Master teaching – A one to one Course held over 2 days,  £450,  for those who don’t want to be part of a group setting.  You will learn how to be a Reiki Master, personally develop yourself to receive the Sacred Attunement Symbols and learn how to teach Students.    Those who attend this Course will receive continued help for as long as they need it.


Contact me to book or if you have any questions please ask away! If you book on line please let me know so I can arrange your time.