Angel Readings – 1hr, £60 (spiritual reading on your journey ahead)

Angel Therapy – 1hr, £60 (spiritual advice and counselling with the angels)

Angel Therapy & Healing –  2hrs, £110 (spiritual counselling, energy/ spiritual healing)     The most recommended therapy by clients

Confidence & Self-Esteem Building – 1hr, £60 (for those who have no or little self belief and confidence)

Self-Esteem Building for Sensitive Children – 1hr, £50 (our children struggle too they need support to believe in themselves)

Archangel Attunements  – 1.30mins, £60  (Ascension attunements  with Archangels for deeper angelic connection)

Angel Reiki Healing – 1hr, £60  (hands on healing touch to heal, cleanse and clear the past and open you to a new journey of peace while opening you up to Angels)

Crystal therapy and Healing – 1 hr, £55 (crystals and loving healing touch on the massage bed)

Chord cutting chakra balancing (clears the blocks and issues you are experiencing)  – 1hr,  £55

Cellular Release deep clearing and cleansing (energy attachments, entities, curses, ill wishes can be attached to us creating ill health)  – 2hrs, £110

Angel Regression (regress back to a time where you had emotional problems, to heal and become whole again and move forward to a new journey of peace) £65

1-1 Teaching how to read the Angel cards (we all have intuition and psychic sense come learn how to read the angel cards) – 1 hr, £60

1-1 Opening to  your psychic senses ( how to see spirit and work with them) – 1 hr, £60

1-1 Reiki 1 teaching (a days workshop with my full attention, for those who don’t want to be part of a group  teaching)  – 10am – 3pm – £150

1-1 Reiki Master teaching (a days workshop learning how to be a Master of Reiki you will receive the Attunement symbols and learn how to teach)  have ongoing support from me as your Reiki Master for as long as you need it.  – 10am – 5pm – £555 (regular price for Reiki Masters)




Contact me to book or if you have any questions please ask away! If you book on line please let me know so I can arrange your time.