Usui Reiki 1 with Angels – Certified Course

In this one day certified workshop, you will

  • be given an attunement to Angels and Reiki 1
  • be taught how to self heal using hands-on healing techniques
  • learn how to channel the universal life force energy that supports our beings
  • learn how clearing suppressed emotions and issues can transform our lives
  • move us forward to a happier more fulfilled life
  • feel a shift in your coherence (your natural energy field)
  • enjoy a new level of peace and empowerment
  • feel a power inner shift to clear old patterns, issues and pain in your cellular memory

Welcome to the beginners Reiki Course to awaken your healer within,  You will learn on Reiki 1 how to heal as Jesus of the white ray of light did, clear and protect your energy field.,  gift yourself Reiki love in a beautiful sacred manner, honour your body mind and spirit and make effective healthy positive changes for yourself and loved ones.  Using the gift of your hands you will learn how to channel the Reiki white light and move old stuck energy and toxins out to bring in good chi and life force energy.  If your guided to this workshop you may be called by spirit as a healer, however, on Reiki 1 we invite you to love yourself and find the beautiful person you are under all the stress, and lack of confidence you may be experiencing.  As you move to the Reiki light you will notice a very different way of living becomes natural to you, without stress or confusion you will gradually radiate to knowing what to do and when your intuition will be sharpened and your ability to heal revealed.  Come try the Reiki energy and feel blissfully loved.  I look forward to sharing level 1 in Usui Reiki in this 1 day workshop with you.

Blessings of love Susie x

23rd April 2023 (sunday)

10am – 6pm 

Cost £100 Spiritual investment, to be paid in full, to book place

(no refunds but you can transfer to another course, should 24 hours notice be given)

via paypal below or on by bank transfer

   RBS  Susan Clouston  00623572  83.15.31   Please pm when you book your course