Usui Advanced Reiki with Angels – Certified Course

In this two day certified course, you will

  • be opened to new sacred symbols
  • learn to see client’s blockages & issues clairvoyantly
  • give psychic surgery
  • have a chance to clear your own pain blocks and negative energies to be a healthier person and a better channel for spirit.

Welcome to Advanced Reiki 3 first step of your Masters training.  Using 4 new sacred symbols steeped in Merlin Shamanism, this will support psychic surgery and deep past life clearing.  You will feel more connected and advanced as you continue your training to give clients healing to a much higher vibration.  This workshop works mainly with the shadows your client will be suppressing.  Sexual abuse, past life abuse and deep karmic patterns will shift to realign your client to their natural light body blue print.  This is a powerful 2 days but will efficiently support you in dealing with darkness in your clients clearing the extended chakras, for the source of white light to move through.  Understand the human aura,  learn new hand positions, deeper  healing techniques to support your client to freedom.  We look forward to sharing the lineage of Usui traditional Reiki with you. Blessings of love Susie x

Date: 2nd & 3rd Sept 2023

Time: 10am to 6pm (est|)

Cost: £300 please pay by paypal below, or by bank transfer to

Susan Clouston RBS  00623572 sort code 83.15.31 

                                                                * please note we do not offer refunds, only transfers onto another course or 1-1 service*