Angel Ascension – Certified Course 1

In this 4 day certified course, you will

  • Learn how to support Clients awaken to Spirit and reconnect with the  Archangels at a higher frequency
  • Learn how to open and develop your psychic senses and receive messages from the Spirit World through mediumship and psychic development
  • Learn how to read the Angel Cards and give readings
  • Learn how to make an Angel Aura Spray
  • Learn how to make an Angel perfume
  • Learn to channel,write and take Messages from Archangel Michael, Uriel, Raphael, Gabriel
  • Learn how to lead clients in Angel Psychic Development classes.
  • Learn how to clear the aura, ground, and protect your psychic senses
  • Learn how to give a full Angel Attunement and healing on the bed
  • Learn how to heal yourself in spiritual awakening
  • Learn how to meditate and find inner peace and happiness.

We are living in a spiritual age where we are being reactivated to our truth of who we are, a light being who is pure unconditional love, here to serve mankind in its spiritual development.   Archangels assist us in accepting who we are, which can be a difficult, painful and spiritually growing, but its a very rewarding journey to walk this path.  We will need  to release and let go of all the old parts of us that are not in integrity so we can serve spirit to the highest degree. On this 4 day certified course,  will be working with sacred crystal wands to increase our capacity to work with the Archangels,  crystal layouts,  angel cards and mediumship, to develop ourselves to the highest degree in Angel Psychic development and assist in a professional manner to serve clients and run your own business.  You will be given constant support, case studies, and emotional support as you take back your God given power to walk in your truth back to your ancestral lineage to your true DNA.   This course comes with a certificate which is accepted by Balens Insurance Co.  If you feel drawn to this course your angels are asking you to take the next step to ascending to the light.  I look forward to meeting you and supporting you in this life changing 4 day course.

dates: 26 & 27th August 2023

                                                                                                                          2nd weekend to be arranged with group in March 2024

                                        1 payment of £500 or 2 payments of £250 or 4 payments of £125 pad before the course.  

                                                                                                                                      Please note A committment to the 4 days is required

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Ascension Certified Course 2 working with the indigenous Grandmothers 

In this 4 day certified course, you will,

Learn to channel the teachings of Archangel Metatron the chancellor of Heaven and the Tree of Life – Offering Professional Archangel Metatron Attunements to the public

Learn to channel the spirit of 13 grandmothers of the Divine Council – Offering Professional Energy Healings to the public

Learn to anchor your 12th Dimensional chakras to receive higher channellings.

Learn to activate the chakras to the cosmos, connecting to the Monadic level of divinity, to bring in stellar wisdom from the star beings who are the source of wisdom for all indigenous tribes.

Learn the percentages of what light your need to activate your light body to ascend.

Learn to channel the Lakota wisdom.

Learn to create the medicine wheel and a traditional medicine talking stick

Learn to lay the 13 stones representing the 13 moons and the 13 grandmothers.

Learn Eagle, wolf, bear, and buffalo and the 4 directions.

Learn to honour your death and birth rites into initiation.

In this journey we expect to ascend from 3rd dimension to 6th dimension.  In 3rd dimension you will want to reach 50% light in your body.  In 4th dimension you will want to reach 62% of light.  In 5th dimension you will want to raise your light body to reach 75% of light.  In 6th dimension you will want to raise your light body to 80-83% .  In the 7th dimension at 92% you will no longer be able to sustain a physical body.

This 4 day course split into 2 weekends,  only for those who are ready to accept their wisdom and leadership to work with 2 powerful Archangels and the 13 indigenous grandmothers who channel their wisdom from the 4 directions.  you will be offered protection by Archangels to channel the wisdom of the indigenous tribes.

After this course you will be able to channel from the Lakota elders

“when the Grandmothers come from the 4 directions and speak, the world will heal” – Hopi prophecy. 

Wahine Grandmothers circles are arising.  Out of the native lands,  indigenous grandmothers, shamans, and medicine woman have been called together to share sacred wisdom, and earth based traditions.   These grandmothers have an urgent message of peace and are the spirit messengers who speak with authority, through the wise council of the  13 indigenous grandmothers who are presently in a global alliance of prayer, education, and healing for our mother earth.  Archangels who are 9th Dimensional beings are messengers of peace.  This special course brings together the Archangels and the shamans in a wonderful experience of gathering the tribe together in creating a gentle and peaceful world.

The prophecy

For the grandchildren, for the next 7 generations, for all relationships, the 13 grandmothers, Pacifica, speak of peace making and sharing the custom of sitting in grandmother circles, bringing back the ancient ways, for all the generations, restoring the respectful ceremonies, especially for rites of passage. they bring the teachings of the Lakota.

Welcome to a very unique special course to honour the tribe, to find your own tribe, and work for the Ancestors for the greater good of the tribe.

split over 2 weekends

18th & 19th March 2023 

                                                                                                              14&15th October 2023

                                                                  (please note the 2nd weekend will be arranged with your group)

                         1 payment £500 or 2 payments of £250 or 4 payments of £125 

button for payment is above or 

RBS  Susan Clouston  00623572  83.15.31