Merlin 2

Awaken your ability to work with Merlin wizardology  a deeper study for wizard craft.

connect with the fae folks (fairy and elves magick) and open to the tales of fairy gold, meet the guardians spirits of Damhead, Omag the tree spirit, Saun our leprechaun, Meike our resident gnome!  (usually the fae folks come in 3s).  These spirit guardians took me to Damhead to take care of the land here.

connect to dragonology (the study of dragons and how they worked as spirit guides rather than harmful beings)

connect with crystals skulls to awaken your 3rd eye to connecting with Merlin as your spirit guide (Merlin is looking for those who are going to train in wizardology)

connect with  wizard familiars (unicorns, owls, toads, birds and magical beasts, gryphon, Dragon, Phoenix, Camelopard)

we are delighted to offer you a chance again to re-join us for Merlin 2,  for those who have a connection to the earths magick, Merlins channelings, and the plant and tree spirits,

come for a wonderful day to connect to Merlin in his environment,  with like minded wizards, who are ready to take this power to the invisible realms of the nature spirits, trees, go on a meditation journey to find your familiars, and awaken your connection to your crystal skull and Dragon crystal.

You will need a crystal skull,  and a crystal dragon for this workshop.   Do ask Merlin to guide you to

(Dates for 2022 to be arranged)

cost is £100 for the day  deposit is £30 and £70 remainder

please pay on merlin 1 pay pal or go to pay pal account

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