Gemma Alexander

I first met Susie 3 years ago, when I was recommended to go for a reading.  I was amazed at what she could predict and was able to give me messages from loved ones, past over.   These messages we very significant and no other psychic or medium have ever been able to tell me these things.  The readings were always very detailed and accurate and I always looked forward to receiving them and each time I come away from Susie, my sense of peace had been restored.  I was particularly amazed when se saw a beautiful relationship with someone who I would meet in Spain.  Within 4 days of this reading out of the blue I was contacted by my partner via social net work site.  We had met in Spain the year before.  We have been together now for 3 happy years.

For the past 12 months or so I have been receiving various healings including Reiki which has changed my life dramatically.  At the time I was financially insecure and in debt. My health was deteriorating and I suffered from stress, asthma, IBS flues and various viruses.  I was extremely tired and run down.  I was amazed at how quickly the healings worked both physically and emotionally and it wasn’t long before my friends, family, and colleagues were also noticing the difference.  Even my Dr was surprised when I was able to stop my meditation.  My symptoms disappeared and my asthma significantly improved.  I also no longer suffer from seasonal affective disorder (SAD).

We continue regular healings and Susie was able to undercover beliefs I had in both life and money which was the result of my debt.  We worked on these and I was introduced to manifestation and working with the Pink light.  This was a huge revolution and this was when I realised where I had been going wrong.  I had had amazing results from this including attracting large sums of money, a holiday, tickets to see a TV show were I met my idols and more importantly my remortgage which I was advised by 5 advisors it would be impossible for me to get due to the “current economy”.  This has allowed me to become debt free.  There are many more amazing things I have manifested and I couldn’t possibly write them all down here.

I have done several courses which Susie always makes them fun and easily to understand and I always come away from them feeling much better about myself, positive, loving, and less fearful and isolated.  Recently, I completed my Reiki 1 which I can only describe as an amazing experience and has opened a whole new door for me.  I can highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to do this a profession or simply for self help.

Susie has a very compassionate way of communicating.  She is an incredible Healer, Teacher, and Clairvoyant, who empowers all her clients and students in the most comforting, wise way.  She took me from a very dark, low point in my life to a more confident, free, happy person.  I would definitely recommend Susie  who is a very genuine, honest, caring person and is very passionate about what she does.  I call her my Earth Angel, and I don’t know what I would have done without here.  Ultimately, I wouldn’t be the successful healthy being that I am today.

Thank you so much Susie, I am very honoured to have you in  my life.

lots of love and Blessings from the bottom of my heart

Gemma Alexander